Proprioception in early childhood & outdoor playspaces for infants & toddlers

Proprioception and it's importance in early movement development. How can proprioception be supported in very young children's active outdoor play in early childhood settings? Llewellyn in conversation with Kim Sargent-Wishart PhD, RSME/RSMT.

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Heat island playgrounds?

Photo by Mary Taylor on For some reason this has been on my radar for some time. Having lived and worked in a number of big cities, smaller regional and rural towns one notices distinct differences in heat island effects between larger and smaller urban environments. Densely populated urban environments with large tracts of... Continue Reading →

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Outdoor early childhood playspaces + Permaculture Principle 11

Edges in a children's centre rural NSW, Australia - Photos: Llewellyn Wishart Early childhood practitioners, children and families ever thought about that slightly wild, weedy corner or edge of your kindergarten or childcare centre outdoor space? Do you want to "tidy it up" at the next working bee coz it's messy, unsightly or potentially non-compliant?... Continue Reading →

Children’s physical activity & movement in outdoor landscapes – What matters to early childhood educators?

    What do children need for active play in the outdoors? In-depth research with six early childhood educators revealed what mattered to them when thinking about young children moving and being active in outdoor learning environments. According to these educators children need to: explore and practice fundamental movements; have freedom & open space to... Continue Reading →

Tribute song to Permaculture giant Bill Mollison (4 May 1928 – 24 September 2016)

Formidable Vegetable Sound System have done it again with a quirky poignant tribute to one of Permaculture's founders Bill Mollison who died last year. Check it out here: While your at it if you are looking for fun music to get children and grown-ups singing, dancing and more eco-literate you can't go past Formidable... Continue Reading →

Building outdoor environment literacy

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens Photo: Llewellyn Wishart Developing nature-rich outdoor environments for young children takes conviction, creativity, planning, negotiation, design sense and skills in early childhood pedagogy. Early childhood educators here in Australia are being offered more and more professional development in this area with flow-on benefits for children, families and even... Continue Reading →

Embodied Parenting – Perspectives on non-verbal communication & power of movement-dance

Dance-movement therapist Dr Suzie Tortora's research into embodied parenting and infant-parent communication has much to offer about the power of movement as a form of subtle embodied communication in infancy, early childhood and across the lifespan. Dr Tortora's research challenges assumptions about the nature of communicative development as largely a question of the acquisition of... Continue Reading →

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