Trees as teachers

Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) Eastern Maar Country

Trees are great teachers especially when larger and much older than humans. They compel me to stop rushing forward to some urgently imagined destination. “Move out of the sagittal plane (the plane of time/duration) into verticality (the plane of presence)” they might say. They mutually support through roots moving vertically and horizontally. “Be horizontal” they might say, be in relationship, listen and feel for connection. Time bound settler colonial conditioning wants the quick separation, a moving on from the pause, the staying with a big tree’s presence. Settler colonial conditioning tells me it’s a code violation to place a hand on your trunk, to feel your still coolness, to look up through your stratospheric canopy, to open all my senses, to feel through your girth the channelled forces weight, space, time and gravity.  

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