Trees as teachers

Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) Eastern Maar Country Trees are great teachers especially when larger and much older than humans. They compel me to stop rushing forward to some urgently imagined destination. "Move out of the sagittal plane (the plane of time/duration) into verticality (the plane of presence)" they might say. They mutually support through roots... Continue Reading →

Building outdoor environment literacy

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens Photo: Llewellyn Wishart Developing nature-rich outdoor environments for young children takes conviction, creativity, planning, negotiation, design sense and skills in early childhood pedagogy. Early childhood educators here in Australia are being offered more and more professional development in this area with flow-on benefits for children, families and even... Continue Reading →

What do young children need more of outdoors?

Our recently published research sheds light on what young children might need more of in their outdoor learning environments. How do we stimulate well rounded play, physical activity, motor development and simply the joy of being outdoors? In a word think "diversity". Built and natural design elements with variable surfaces, inclines, levels and terrain make... Continue Reading →

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