Nature-Outdoors Important for Children’s Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing

Very happy to be part of the collaborative work between Fleming's Nurseries, Mission Australia Early Learning, Deakin University City of Ballarat, ECKA, Uniting Care Ballarat connecting children to nature and the outdoors from a very early age: Kinder-gardens new focus for garden guru Garden guru Wes Fleming gives kindergarten play areas a makeover Read more: Continue Reading →

Brunswick to Ballarat – Car-free family holidays by bike

We’re a family of 4 living in Brunswick, Victoria bastion of bike culture; some might quip Melbourne’s answer to Amsterdam. With the help of bikes, good public transit and long-term membership of car-share company Flexicar we have been car-free for nearly eight years. We love our bikes! Currently there are 7 treadlies in the garden... Continue Reading →

“Miracle Microgreens” – For Home, Early Childhood Settings and Schools

About 12 months ago I came across an article in Organic Gardener Magazine Jan/Feb 2012 by Justin Russell on Microgreens. Microgreens are a super fast super food that are easy to grow in a wide variety of containers, well suited to confined spaces such as courtyards, apartment balconies, in a well lit corner of a... Continue Reading →

Natural States – Embodiment Studies & Exploration

Here's a workshop series that I am leading in Melbourne Australia at one of Melbourne's leading edge cultural institutions: Dancehouse   Llewellyn NATURAL STATES - Embodiment Studies & Exploration 2012 Workshop Series with Llewellyn Wishart Natural States is an ongoing workshop series focused on in-depth embodiment studies & exploration. The workshops follow a developmental line... Continue Reading →

Somatics of Space

Another weekend in Sydney (Australia) my original hometown, that's three trips in the last 3 months. Sometimes the flight into Sydney from either north or south can be breathtaking. We tracked in from Melbourne along the line of the Blue Mountains, part of eastern Australia's Great Dividing Range. The serpentine basin of Sydney's main watershed... Continue Reading →

The Body Issue

Every year The Age Newspaper (Melbourne,  Australia) runs  "The Body Issue" of the Sunday Age Magazine. Every year I hope for something more from the big investment The Age seems to put into this special edition devoted to the contested territory of the post modern human body.  Every year the story of peoples bodies, the... Continue Reading →

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