Professional learning for early childhood outdoor pedagogy

Here’s another slice of research from my doctoral studies investigating how early childhood educators can be supported with professional development to embrace embodied kinaesthetically focused teaching in outdoor learning environments:

Professional learning for early childhood outdoor pedagogy

Moving to learn outdoors can mean so many things:

  • Getting children playing games or sports in different outdoor settings;
  • Exploring and working in kitchen, sensory and community gardens;
  • Foraging for loose natural materials, fruit and vegies in kindergarten outdoor spaces or local neighbourhoods;
  • Exploring for insects and micro-fauna;
  • Caring for worm farms and working with animals such as chickens or rabbits;
  • Nature play in bush, beach and forest kindergartens;
  • Bringing indoor physical activity outdoors such as yoga, meditation or games.
  • Moving to learn outdoors might also mean exploration of Indigenous ways of knowing with local elders conducting welcome to country and smoke ceremonies or learning cultural dances.

There are so many amazing ways to invite exploration of our outdoor worlds.
Lets get active outdoors, using all of our senses. Our world needs us outdoors to listen more deeply 🙂

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