‘Nature Teaches Naturally’

Click on the link below to view or download an updated version of the original posting (Sept 9, 2010) reprinted here from Currents – A Journal of the Body-Mind Centering® Association Inc.

Nature Teaches Naturally

It can be cited as follows:

Wishart, L 2011, ‘Nature Teaches Naturally: Present and Future Perspectives on Nature-based, Ecological and Somatic Learning’, Currents – A Journal of the Body-Mind Centering Association, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 8-11.


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  1. Hi Llew! How great and inspiring to find a kindred spirit! This is the direction my work has traveled over the past many years, teaching integrated movement and nature awareness work with children and adults. I have been very influenced by the path of study through the Wilderness Awareness School
    and work with the Vashon Wilderness Program (www.VashonWildernessProgram.org) doing what sounds like similar work. I have been mapping the body systems with Eight-Shields Mentoring model as well as a version of the Medicine Wheel and Joseph Campbell’s “Flow Learning” model — very cool work! I would love to share more with you sometime — it would be great to get back to Australia!!! Let me know when you are in the States!!!! Lots of love to you and your growing family!!! Love, Stacey

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